My name is David A. Parsons. I am a Marching Arts Design and Instructional Specialist with a focus on Small to Mid-sized competitive performance programs and this is my Visual Design website.

I became drawn to this activity way before directly participating in it. I can remember watching my brother, who is 2 years older than I, rehearsing in the local high school marching band. Though the shows were much simpler then, I was always fascinated by how the marching band director was able to add visuals and change drill to  pretty much on the fly making the music come to life through the movement of the band itself.

After 2 years of watching, I finally had my chance to perform in that same group, and with somewhat already knowing how things worked and what could be, there was no way I wasn't going to get the most out of this opportunity.

After my first year of marching band as a Sophomore, I proceeded into my first year of concert season. After auditions, I was thrown into sitting first chair Tubist in the highly regarded Symphonic Band; a position I held throughout my high school career. As a Junior. I was asked to be a student conductor in several ensembles including the top mixed Vocal Group and the top Woodwind Ensemble. Having proven myself with these groups as a good musician and conductor, I was given the highest honor my Senior year to be the Drum Major of the marching band which I had grown up admiring. My high school music career was then topped off by earning the John Philip Sousa Award.

Before going off to college, my high school marching band director asked me to come work with the marching band. I guess it's important to note that when I was Drum Major, that role was treated as if we were truly marching techs so I had some knowledge of instruction. But actually being hired immediately after graduating was never a role permitted of such a new graduate. In any case, this is pretty much where my professional marching band career began.

Over the past 31 years I have had the opportunity to work with many people including Roger Sampson and Dr. Jon R. Dugle while in school at Danville High School. While there I also had the honor of being given instruction and direction by other great educators like Dr. Robert Stiehl, Frank Lestina, Joan Long, Ray Cramer, James Curnow, and Dr. Harry Begian. As Principle Tubist at Western Illinois University I also had the honor of working under and with very influential people in this activity including Adam Brennan, David Fodor, Linda Hannum, Roland Vamos, Roger Collins, Fisher Tull, Alfred Reed, and Dale F. Hopper.

More recently, I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from many band directors and instructors. Some of which include Lisa Preston, Brian Mason, John Emerson, Keith Clupper, Michael Foxworth, Steve Humphries, A.J. Pace, Mike Grimes, Dennis Laorenza, Susan Bocook, and Joshua Hinkel.

Most recent Visual and Design accolades include consistent Ohio State Marching Band Finalists with Div I ratings in the Visual Caption, numerous Mid-States Band Association (MSBA) finalists in "A" and "AA" Classes. WGI "Scholastic A" Regional finalists, WGI World Championships "Scholastic A" Semi Finalist and several South Carolina Band Director's Association (SCBDA) State Championship and CWEA Circuit awards, including several "Scholastic A" 1st place scores in the "Visual Ensemble" Caption. WGI Regional "Percussion Scholastic A" 6th place "Visual" Caption.

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