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To continue to work with new and progressive marching programs ~  programs that are up to the challenge and are ready to work hard to gain from my 31 years of marching ensemble teaching experience and 24 years of competitive show design experience; To develop new design and performance concepts while focusing on and creating new and more efficient teaching styles and techniques; To continue to learn and expand my horizons in all marching performance aspects while assisting ensembles to grow in this area as well.


Freelance - Regional  
  Marching Arts Instruction & Visual Design

1985 - 2017

    Visual Design & Conceptual Development -

1992 - 2017

  • Developed show concepts for Winter Percussion Ensembles, Winter Guard Ensembles as well as Fall Marching Ensembles.
  • Created successful and effective show designs for a wide variety of ensemble sizes and skill levels. This has been achieved by -
  1. Comprehensive Ensemble Analysis - Reviewing previous year’s contest and, if available, rehearsal video and/or utilizing input from Directors and Staff to determine the ensemble’s ability level.
  2. Developing show concepts based on the ensemble’s given abilities.
  3. Designing staging and movement to enhance the ensemble’s strengths while also introducing new or advanced skills to continually push the ensemble’s ability threshold.
  4. When requested - Producing rehearsal warm-up techniques based on movement skills required in said production.
  5. Continual Ensemble Analysis - Making adjustments as necessary to fine-tune fundamental rehearsal techniques.
  • Skilled in making adjustments to on-field instrumentation and phrase count structure as it pertains to the "Drill" itself, while maintaining the integrity of the original design.
  • Designed and Created staging props, floor coverings, flag/silk designs and patterns while also having to consider their implementation throughout the given production
  Creative Consultant -

1994 - 2017

  • Advised and recommended show conceptual themes, stylistic approaches, and techniques as well as developed paths for which ensembles to take to best achieve secondary and primary goals.
  • Suggested Prop and Uniform considerations as well as color and pattern development to best portray the character or tone of the given production.
  • Recommended competent and reliable primary and secondary instructional staff.
  • Remained available throughout all stages of show development and competition to give additional advice and suggestions as it pertains to the improvement and effectiveness of each production.
   Visual Caption Head -

2001 - 2017

  • Created, refined and implemented various styles of marching and movement techniques.
  • Developed several handbooks that not only included basic and advanced marching styles but also incorporated sequential techniques in stretching and body movement as well as routines to apply said techniques and styles in patterns. This gives the performer a better understanding of how said movement applies directly to a specific moment in the show’s production.
  • Created fundamental "Basics" routines not only based traditional approached but also based on the particular needs of the ensemble then adjusting the content of the instruction as deemed necessary by continual ensemble performance analysis.
  • Introduced body movements and characterizations conforming to the particular moment within the show’s concept.
  • Applied said movements and characterizations as prescribed within the production to give clarity and understanding of the given mood or musical interpretation.
  Visual Technician -

1985 - 2003

  • Taken a Caption Head’s or Director’s particular style or technique; defining and teaching that during fundamentals rehearsal in both group and individual settings.
  • Applied all learned skills within the prescribed demands of the designed show.
  • Evaluated individual ensemble members and given them help as needed.


Accomplishments - Visual Caption Head and Visual Design

2001 - 2017

BOA Grand Nationals Semi-Finals Performance, 2016

  • 2nd Place "Class A" Prelims - On The Day
  • 4th Place "Class A" Semi-Finals
         2nd Place Visual Performance - Ensemble
         3rd Place Visual General Effect

WGI World Championships Simi-Finals Performance, 2013

  • "Scholastic "A" Class (Guard)

WGI Atlanta Regional Champions, 2011

  • "Scholastic "Regional A" Class (Guard)

CWEA Championships

  • Class Regional A (Guard) First Placement, 2013
    High Ensemble and Gen Effect score
  • Class PSA (Percussion) First Placement, 2012
    High Visual and Overall GE score
  • Class Scholastic A (Guard) First Placement, 2012
    High Ensemble score
  • Class PSAA (Percussion) First Placement, 2011
    High Visual and Overall GE score.
  • Class Scholastic A (Guard) Fourth Placement, 2011

SCBDA Winter Ensemble Championships

  • Class PSAA (Percussion) First Placement, 2011,2015
    High Overall GE score ('11) and High Visual ('11 & '15)
  • Class PSA (Percussion) Second Placement, 2014
    High Visual
  • Class Scholastic A (Guard) First Placement, 2012, 2013
  • Class PSA (Percussion) First Placement, 2013
    High Visual
  • Class Regional A (Guard) First Placement, 2013
  • Class PSA (Percussion) Second Placement, 2012
    High Overall GE score
  • Class Scholastic Reg A (Guard) Third Placement, 2012
  • Class PSAA (Percussion) First Placement, 2011,2015
    High Visual and Overall GE score.
  • Class Scholastic A (Guard) Second Placement, 2011
    Unprecedented Promotion from Scholastic AAAA to
    Scholastic A

8 SCBDA State Marching Band Championships Finals Performances, 2003 - 2017.

  • Class "1A"
    th and 11th Placements, 2015
    th Placement, 2017
  • Class "2A"
    th Placement, 2015
    th Placement, 2017
  • Class "3A"
    th and 5th Placements, 2010, 2011
    9th and 11th Placements, 2003, 2005

13 Mid-States Championships Finals Performances, 2004 - 2017.

  • 9 in "A" Class, 5 in "AA" Class.
  • 2 - 2nd Place Placements.

19 OMEA State Championships Performances, 2001 - 2017.

  • 6 in "C" Class, 10 in "B" Class, 4 in "AA" Class.
  • 16 of the 20 receiving "Div I" ratings.
  • Consistent "Div I" ratings for Visual and/or General Effect Captions.

2 TOB West Virginia State Championships Performances. 2006, 2008.

  • Class "4A" W.V. State Champions, 2006.
  • Class "2A" W.V. State Champions, 2008.

2 MHSAA-MBA State Championships Performances, 2004 - 2005.

  • Class "2A" Champions, 2004.
  • Class "3A" Champions, 2005.

1 WGI World Championships Finals Performance, 2002

  • "Independent Open" Class. 4th Place Finish.
    2002 - Conquest Percussion (Pittsburgh, PA.)
  • Numerous State, Regional Circuit and Local Contest Div I and/or top scoring placements in Marching/Visual, General Effect & Overall Scores in Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.

      Professional Tubist

    1991 - 1995

    • Taught Low Brass Master Classes in Westville, Danville, and Libertyville
      High Schools in Illinois.
    • Performed in several professional band organizations in Macomb, Illinois. and
      Danville, Illinois

    Western Illinois University - Macomb, IL

      WIU Summer Music Camps

     1989 - 1991

    1991. Assistant Camp Director

    • Hired and Organized camp counselors.
    • Scheduled classrooms and rehearsal facilities

    1990. Head Counselor

    • Assisted in hiring additional camp counselors
    • Organized housing for camp attendees as well as chaperoning their stay
    • Assigned counselors to every day camp jobs based on individual abilities

    1989. Camp Counselor

    • Oversight of camper’s daily well being and activities
      George Parks Drum Major Academy Assistant

     1989 - 1990

    Academy Training Assistant

    • Assisted Linda Hannum and Darrell Weyman as a Teaching Assistant and in day to day running of the Academy


    Western Illinois University  Macomb, IL

      Music Education/Performance

    1986 - 1987, 1989 - 1991

    • Principal Tubist in major performing ensembles -
      University Symphonic Wind Ensemble -
                              Dr. Jon R. Dugle, Conductor.
                  Yearly Regional Tours
                  Seasonal Concerts
                  MENC National Conference in Washington D.C.
                  Guest Conductors -
                              Alfred Reed
                              Fisher Tull
                              Dale F. Hopper
                              Adam Brennan
      Symphonic Orchestra -
                              Roland Vamos, Conductor (86-87)
                              Roger Collins, Conductor (89-91)
      Wind Ensemble Brass Quintet & Tuba Ensemble
      Musical "Chicago"
    • Co Section Leader -
      Marching Leathernecks -
                              Dale F. Hopper, Director of Bands
    • WIU Performing Arts Department Recording Crew -
      Head Audio Technician

    Danville High School,  Danville, IL

      High School Diploma

    1981 - 1985

    • 1982 - 1985. Principal Tubist
      Symphonic Band -
                              Dr. Jon R. Dugle, Director of Bands
                  IHSA, Sweepstakes Winner - 1982, 1983 Class AA
                  Illinois Superstate, Top 3 Finalist
                  1984 Midwest National Band & Orchestra Clinic Performance
                  Guest Conductors -
                              Dr. Harry Begian
                              James Curnow
                              Roger Sampson (Asst Dir.)
      Symphonic Orchestra -
                              Frank Lestina, Director
      Brass Band -
                              Dr. Jon R. Dugle, Director
    • 1984 - 1985. Student Conductor
                  Woodwind Choir (Roger Sampson - Director/Advisor)
                  Singing Vikings (Larry Voorhees - Director/Advisor)
    • 1984 - 1985. Drum Major
    • 1984 - 1985. All-State Band
    • 1985. John Philip Sousa Outstanding Musician Award


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