(Ala Carte -or- Included as a part of the Tier I or II Design Commitment)

Marching Technician or Visual Caption Head

I can teach your ensemble a sound marching style as well as various body movement techniques which are used by many of the top Marching Bands and Drum Corps today. I teach and incorporate these in innovative and creative ways to help your ensemble better understand how to do what may be asked of them throughout their show. Teaching in ways that directly correlate to the musical aspects by using ideas and approaches that systematically work together like building blocks to help your ensemble reach its highest potential. I not only use "tried and true" teaching techniques but have also developed several inventive approaches designed to be adjusted to any ensemble's special needs or expectations.

As your Marching Caption Head I offer...

Consultation on Style Development.

  • (I will work closely with you and your staff to give your ensemble the best tools to look their best.)

Pre-Rehearsal Preparation.

  • (It’s very important to have reachable goals set for every rehearsal. I will come into every rehearsal with a solid game-plan. If we have discussed needs and goals, I will work with you to develop rehearsal plans to meet them.)

Detailed Basics Instruction.

  • (Warming up with Stretching (getting the mind into the rehearsal) then into Marching Fundamentals... This is where a lot of ensembles fall behind. I strongly believe that extended basics work can greatly improve an ensemble’s performance abilities. This is one thing that should never be short changed.)

Applying Innovative Movement techniques.

  • (These days, a complete Visual Design package is not complete unless Body Movement is included in your basics program. This includes basic dance techniques, both while in motion and static, as well as some more advanced movements to help enhance the "Visual Musicality" of your show.)

Continual Analysis of your Ensemble’s Progress.

  • (Again, another thing that a lot of instructors don’t do. It’s important to be consistent in how something is taught but it’s vital to understand when adjustments need to be made. Sometimes something as simple as changing a foot position can clean up what looks to be false starts to a judge. Little things like that make the difference.)

Pre-Performance Preparation of Ensemble.

  • (The most important thing to do to be prepared for a performance / competition. This should be similar to a Warm-up and Fundamental session though even more focused. The Mind and Body must be prepared.)

Post Performance Consultations.

  • (Full Ensemble or Staff discussion on the performance. This can be a general or a detailed session but is important so that we all know what needs to be done before the next time out.)

I understand that a lot of this information seems rather obvious but it’s important for me to let you know what I know needs to be done. As you know, there are a lot of details that go into the final product of a top notch marching band. I’m committed to the activity and will do my best to see that your ensemble grows to be as focused on these and to be as professional as possible.







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